Talent and Leadership Component

This component aims at mentoring young people using youth to youth approach. Some of the activities include:

  • Leadership seminars
  • Youth exchange forums
  • Leadership essays contest
  • Leadership modeling and mentorship
  • Recognition of visionary young leadership
  • Scholarship to leadership academies
  • Talent search and promotions



Other Programme Components

This component aims at supporting business incubation and apprenticeship programs for the youth.

  Talent and Leadership
This component aims at mentoring young people using youth to youth approach.

This component aims at supporting young people from poor background and marginalised communities to attain the highest possible level of education, technical and professional training

Partner for Life
as a Founder Member

When you become a founder member of ENCO Foundation, you begin to make a difference for the causes you care about in Africa. Chose which outreach benefits from your endowment.

Partner for a Year
Annual Member

Take our programs of your choice and sponsor them for one year. You do not need to have the money but you can chose to fundraise for it. we will give you the specifics.

Partner in a Program
Program Sponsor

You can chose to just sponsor one program be it a month or a quarter. In addition, if you are a community organization in Africa with a program which you think will interest us, contact us.


Partner in a Project
Project Sponsor

Every month we receive grant requests for viable sustainable programs. You can adopt a project by browsing through a portfolio of our approved projects.

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