Shelter Component

One of the challenges brought about by HIV/AIDS is Orphans. With the death of the parents there is no income generated in such homes anymore. Without a source of income, the affected children more often than not end up living in the streets or turning to petty crime and prostitution.

These children need to be motivated and be taught life skills that will lead them to a healthy and safe life. In other words with our special-care network of custodians, we will break the vicious cycle and set them on a path of personal success.

Most slum dwellers are casual workers, very low-income earners or jobless. This means that they rely on grants from well-wishers to survive. Most of this money never gets to their families because of alcohol abuse. The children in these households end up going hungry and lacking in almost all the basic needs including educational material and are very vulnerable(at-risk).

The goal of our orphans and vulnerable children program is to ensure that children have an effective support structure through counselling, assistance with feeding programmes and food parcels, school fees, stationery, clothing and also facilitate access to medical treatment and legal services.

Other Programme Components

This component aims at providing street children and other children in need with shelter.

This component aims at strengthening existing initiatives in slums and marginalized areas to promote primary health care

This component recognises the great initiatives taken by most Africa countries to guarantee universal access to basic education

This project is focuses on stregthening community-based microfinance and financial literacy.

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