My name is Kelvin*. I was born in July 1988 in Siaya District Nyanza Province. My parents Susan* and my father who claimed that I was not his real son were peasant farmer. Due to lack of parental support I experienced a lot of problems in my earlier life.

I started my schooling in Kambu* nursery in 1995 and in 1997 I joined class one. Due to low family income I missed so many classes that I thought it would affect my performance in class Eight.

In 2004 I did my Kenya certificate of primary Education KCPE and attained 389 marks becoming the best candidate in our Division securing a place at St Mary’s secondary school. I dropped out of the school due to lack of school fees and joined a less expensive school that was considered inferior in academics. I remained focused and always aimed high. In 2008 I did my KCSE and managed to get A- (minus) becoming the best candidate in our division.

Am looking forward for nomination as a participant in the “life summit 2010” organized by ENCO foundation in South Africa I hope the summit will provide me an opportunity to meet people from different nations and cultures. Such a platform is a great chance for young people to engage in cultural exchange and expand their worldview.

During the summit i will explore academic, social and career possibilities at an international level.

- Kevin was an aspirant of Life Summit 2010


The Youth Outreach Program aims at nurturing the dream of every youth in playing a productive role in building Africa by tapping their potential and promoting their talents. The story of Kelvin is a dream of every youth often shuttered along the path by limited opportunities and unsurmountable challenges.

Youth outreach projects are informed by experience gained in years of working with young people from poor background and marginalised communities, research and working practices elsewhere. Each of the youth project is designed to adresses the challenges young people face in simple yet effective and replicable ways.

The programme model draws from a large and growing pool of young volunteers made up of students, young professionals and mentors from around the globe. This approach allows past beneficiaries of the youth outreach to be a part of the change – from beneficiary to benefactor.

Programme Components

This component aims at supporting business incubation and apprenticeship programs for the youth.

This component aims at supporting young people from poor background and marginalised communities to attain the highest possible level of education, technical and professional training

   Talent and Leadership
This component aims at mentoring young people using youth to youth approach.



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