Women Outreach Programme


"No school has taught me great lessons in life than Rose" Christine, the ENCO foundation staff.

Christine participated in an evaluation of a savings and micro credit scheme for single mothers in Laikipia County, Kenya supported by ENCO Foundation. During the evaluation, she requested the mothers to share on how their lives was before the scheme started, today after benefiting from the scheme and their future dreams through pictorials. “The outcome was amazing, I realised how literacy requirement shunned women from participating in many development agenda yet they have immense contribution to make” Says Christine. This experience taught Christine invaluable lessons in life.

Rose drew a hand pulled toy to represent her past, a van for her present and a bus with a carrier full of luggage’s for her future. “When I saw the pictures, the meaning was obvious. Rose owns a van and her dream was to own a bus. This is my dream too, I thought. To acquire and accumulate more”. Quips Christine. Yet the meaning was deep, profound and life giving.

“Before I joined the scheme, I was no one”, starts Rose. I used to be pulled right, left and centre. I was like this toy. It goes where the children want it to be. Nobody cared that I exists leave alone lived. I was under beck and call of others. I had to do it to provide for my children”. Recounts Rose. “When I joined the microfinace I was trained in many areas and empowered through friendly loans that did not require collaterals. I took loan after loan progressively, starting with a project of five chicken. Today, I make decisions in my life; people involve me in community committees, they listen to me. I am like this van. I go where I want. I decide my direction. It is spacious inside. This represents increased choices in my life. I own a family house, a cow and my children wear shoes to school”.

The future of Rose is defined by a bus. “I want to be like this big bus that accommodates other people in need. I want to have a carrier to share in their burdens. I was shown the way. I want to help millions of women with their burdens abound to the future we dream. A future where women are true mothers of earth” Concludes Rose. “This is what I call self-actualization”. Concludes Christine.



The main aim of the women outreach program is to enhance and promote the unique role played by women at family, community and societal level by empowering them and creating an enabling environment for their full participation in development agenda. Women play an indispensable role in community development as weavers of societal social fabric and caregivers. As amplified by the life giving story of Rose, an empowered woman is an empowered society. Their wellbeing is embedded to that of the entire society.

Our women outreach projects are broadly designed to enable as many women as possible to participate fully in national building and development at all levels. They are informed by years of practical experience, research, best practices and evaluations.

The main objective of the women outreach program is to empower women through awareness, capacity building, education, cultural exchange programs, farming and entrepreneurship

We are committed to building women´s awareness around issues that affect them in addition to equipping women to become independent and self-reliant. Through the women outreach program we aim to:

  • Provide a platform for African women to share best practices
  • Promote the culture and image of African women
  • Build and improving community centers for technical training for women
  • Create a network of women entrepreneurs
  • Conduct research that will influence policies that affect women
  • Help more women to access healthcare
  • Assist women in starting income generating activities
  • Equip women with vocational skills

Other Programme Components

The programme component focuses on HIV/AIDS, TB, Infant Mortality, access to healthcare and more.

This programme component focuses on providing financial and economic assistance to women enterprises.

This project focuses on assisting women to access water, shelter and low-cost eco energy and more

This project is focuses on stregthening community-based microfinance and financial literacy.

This project provides opportunities for women to participate in formal and informal education.

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