Image of one of the beneficiaries of the Children Outreach program dancing at a past event.

In order to empower women, equip the youth, provide care for orphans and vulnerable children or build a resource network of sustainable community-driven development; We need you.

You can become the change

Corporate partner

Corporate organisations play a great role in humanitarian aid and development through their corporate social responsibility. We partner with corporate organisations:

  • By financing a project of their choice in our portfolio of projects
  • By participating in our projects through immersion programs
  • Collaborating in implementing their corporate social responsibility agenda
  • Consultancy services on community and social development agenda based on our wealth of experience on the ground


Sponsor a Project

You can chose to sponsor any or all of our innovative projects. There are two ways in which you can sponsor a project

As a platinum member

A platinum member will select the project that most matches their passion and either fundraise for the entire foundation or sponsor more than 70% of the project budget in a single calendar year.

As a diamond member

On registration a diamond member is allowed to raise funds for a project, participate in it´s design and implementation and/or finance more than 50% of the project budget in a single calendar year.



Discover the joy of volunteering with us. There is more joy in giving than in receiving. It is in sharing our talents and gifts that we discover our true source of happiness. Millions of people are in need of you help. Volunteering your time, skills, and energy can make a big difference in the lives of the world's poorest families. You do not need to be a doctor to volunteer in our health programs. All you need is the interest and passion to work for health. Doctors volunteer in our agriculture projects because that is where their heart of giving lies. Tell us about your interests and desires and we will keep you connected with your spring of happiness.



Become an Advocate

Millions of people need your voice for their voice to be heard. Wherever you are, you can be that voice of change by choosing the most appropriate channel within your reach. Echo the voice of the poor and vulnerable now. Let us know you are there



Join the debate

We engage all and sundry in our monthly debates on topical issues affecting vulnerable people and communities. You can constructively contribute by highlighting the plight of your community, sharing on best practices and discussing innovative ideas



Staff Fraternity

From time to time, we seek qualified and committed individuals to work with us in our programs or specific projects. Working with us is a way of live. We nurture your career as you work for integral development in challenging work environment.

Success Stories

image of the Chief Executive officer in one of the eventsENCO Foundation programs have been life changing in the least for me. The triumph of the human spirit in bringing such a profound difference to people you barely know is such an amazing experience.

Esther Nyarwai

General Director

image of one of the participants of the inaugural Nelson Mandela MarathonThe Nelson Mandela marathon, reflects in a symbolic way the gruelling Marathon that Nelson Mandela had to run to lay the foundation for a democratic and free South Africa.

Mandla Mandela

Grandson to Nelson Mandela



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