Energizing communities

Our community outreach projects are inspired by people´s self-determination to transform their lives. We partner with sponsors like you in making their dreams come true. You can be part of this transformative, breath-taking and life giving experience.

Innocence in danger

Our children outreach programme seeks to give a chance to children going through untold suffering around the world. Be the hope of a destitute child’s next meal, pencil and book, and shield from abuse. Be part of safeguarding their innocence.

Nurture our future

Become a part of our youth outreach and mentorship club to mitigate self and group destructive tendencies occasioned by loss of hope among the youth. Given a chance through support and mentorship, the youth are the engine that propels a nation.

Four-in-one outreach

When you empower a woman, you restore her dignity, feed her family, socialise her community and bank on sustainable development. Inspite of this promising hope, millions of women in Africa go without basics in life and live below a dollar a day.

WHO WE AREImage of the Chief-executive of Enco Foundation with the Legend Nelson Mandela

ENCO Foundation is an international humanitarian organization anchored on partnering with communities in defining their destinies. It was founded in South Africa in 1998 initially as a child of the welfare division of ENCO International Relations and Communications Company in response to the glaring impact of HIV/AIDS on all sectors of the society.

The company was inspired by the dream of Nelson Mandela for Africa;

" I dream of an Africa which is at peace with itself... I dream of the realization of the unity of Africa... (that Africans) can unite in their efforts to improve and to solve the problems of Africa. "

The foundation participates in Nelson Mandela marathon dubbed The triumph of the spirit to keep the dream alive. Based on its successful interventions and unique strategies in humanitarian programmes, the foundation rolled out its operations to the rest of Africa.

The Foundation focuses primarily on vulnerable children, youth, women and marginalised communities in Africa by empowering them to enlarge their choices in life and ameliorate them from lack of basic needs, self-esteem and freedom from servitude. In its approach, the foundation builds a strong capacity that can effectively, efficiently and in equitable ways propel Africa in an innovative path that promote sustainable development and self-reliance.

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