History of the foundation

In 1997, Esther, the CEO of ENCO Communications and Public Relations Company SA, encountered Nkothi an orphaned child leaving with HIV. Nkothi shared the story of his life with Esther and though too young to understand HIV/AIDS, he succinctly related the ailments he was going through to those that his late father and mother went through before they passed on. Nkothi was not sure of many things in his life; the source of his next meal, the date of his next admission to hospital or his next friend to desert him but he was certain of one thing; he was in the right path on the same journey his departed parents took.

This encounter touched and changed the life of Esther. She shared this experience with her colleagues and they immediately started charity activities in Zandspruit and spreading out targeting those who were either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, under the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and ENCO communications corporate social responsibilities program.

This initial reaction was pure philanthropic and as the needs grew it was found necessary to take full responsibility and invest in sustainable initiatives. In January 2011, these activities were institutionalised with the registration of ENCO Foundation, South Africa.

This initial encounter with vulnerable women and children exposed the Foundation to the glaring vulnerability of individuals and communities in Africa that denied them a life of dignity, respect and self-worth. At the same time, it revealed enormous potential, opportunities and beauty in the people and the land of Africa seen in diversity of cultures, youthful population, hospitality, natural resources, climate and generosity. This culminated to unique programs to empower individuals and build self-reliant communities.

Since its inception, the foundation has touched lives and transformed communities in partnership with global leaders like Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela led by able stewardship of Esther Nyarwai.

Principles that guide us

We recognize
people’s capacity for self-determination and organisation.

We pursue
approaches and strategies that recognise and promote universal human rights.

We support
innovations that are sustainable and anchored on local realities.

We strive
to recognise and add value to interventions by Country’s government and other stakeholders on the ground .

We are committed
to international, regional and local conventions and treaties that promote advancement of a just society, equitable and sustainable development .

We safeguard
the rights of the vulnerable people and marginalised communities and promote progressive cultures.

Partner for Life
as a Founder Member

When you become a founder member of ENCO Foundation, you begin to make a difference for the causes you care about in Africa. Chose which outreach benefits from your endowment.

Partner for a Year
Annual Member

Take our programs of your choice and sponsor them for one year. You do not need to have the money but you can chose to fundraise for it. we will give you the specifics.

Partner in a Program
Program Sponsor

You can chose to just sponsor one program be it a month or a quarter. In addition, if you are a community organization in Africa with a program which you think will interest us, contact us.

Partner in a Project
Project Sponsor

Every month we receive grant requests for viable sustainable programs. You can adopt a project by browsing through a portfolio of our approved projects.

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