Profile of the foundation

ENCO Foundation is an international humanitarian organization anchored on partnering with communities in defining their destinies. It was founded in South Africa in 1998 initially as a child of the welfare division of ENCO International Relations and Communications Company in response to the glaring impact of HIV/AIDS on all sectors of the society.

The company was inspired by the dream of Nelson Mandela for Africa;

" I dream of an Africa which is at peace with itself...

I dream of the realization of unity of Africa...

(that Africans) can unite in their efforts to improve and to solve the problems of Africa."

The foundation participates in Nelson Mandela marathon dubbed The triumph of the spirit to keep the dream alive. Based on its successful interventions and unique strategies in humanitarian programmes, the foundation rolled out its operations to the rest of Africa.

The Foundation focuses primarily on vulnerable children, youth, women and marginalised communities in Africa by empowering them to enlarge their choices in life and ameliorate them from lack of basic needs, self-esteem and freedom from servitude. In its approach, the foundation builds a strong capacity that can effectively, efficiently and in equitable ways propel Africa in an innovative path that promote sustainable development and self-reliance.


Mission Statement

To support initiatives that empowers vulnerable people and promotes sustainable development.

Vision Statement

ENCO Foundation aspires: " a society where the dignity and hope of vulnerable communities’ is restored. "

Strategic Approach

Our approach is defined by a deep commitment in partnering with communities and individuals in shaping their future destiny. Towards this end, ENCO Foundation pursues participatory approaches to development that are community driven and people centred. In addition, our humanitarian interventions are guided by approaches that alleviate human suffering, promote sustainable solutions and advocate for legislation and policy change that protect and empower vulnerable people and marginalised communities.

Our Motto
Partnering for integral development.


Partner for Life
as a Founder Member

When you become a founder member of ENCO Foundation, you begin to make a difference for the causes you care about in Africa. Chose which outreach benefits from your endowment.

Partner for a Year
Annual Member

Take our programs of your choice and sponsor them for one year. You do not need to have the money but you can chose to fundraise for it. we will give you the specifics.

Partner in a Program
Program Sponsor

You can chose to just sponsor one program be it a month or a quarter. In addition, if you are a community organization in Africa with a program which you think will interest us, contact us.

Partner in a Project
Project Sponsor

Every month we receive grant requests for viable sustainable programs. You can adopt a project by browsing through a portfolio of our approved projects.

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