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Community Media Project…nurturing creativity of the young people Community Media is an initiative aimed at giving opportunity to children above 6 years and youth in Ashaiman District in Ghana to learn new and creative skills in media.

Ashaiman lacks major social and economic infrastructure in spite its great potential. It is tagged as a den of criminal and illegal activities presenting profound challenges for young children and youth. Inspite of this, Ashaiman bursts with energy for growth with a forceful and hardworking youth determined to change their lives using the slightest available opportunity.

The project builds on the power of media in transforming young people and communicating to a wider audience on the untapped skills and talents among the youth. The projects mission is to develop a framework for youth development across Ghana by ensuring children and youth are given meaningful opportunities to reach their full potential, both as individuals and as active participants in society.

The project is set to change the way young people perceive life while giving them an opportunity to pursue their career dream in art, business, technology, environment, agriculture, sports just a few to name through film making. The project will accord young people a rare opportunity to cross national and international boarders through their creative work, open new fronts for youth to youth dialogue and link Ashaiman community to outside world.

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Community Media
Community Media is an initiative aimed at giving opportunity to children above 6 years and youth in Ashaiman District in Ghana to learn new and creative skills in media.

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