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This project aims at inspiring young people (15-34 years) through experiences of other young people who have overcome all odds in life to emerge victorious. It targets youth with disability, street youth, youth living with terminal illness, female youth, unemployed youth, youth in conflict situations, and out of school youth. The project is anchored on key national and international priorities among them Kenya National Youth Policy, Vision 2030, and Millennium Development Goals among others.

Inspite of the promising hope in young people, the Kenya youth face a myriad of challenges. Many of the youth who are productive and energetic remain unemployed, continue to suffer from poor health, and lack sufficient support to negotiate life challenges successfully. As a result, millions suffer from lack of critical services and facilities in life, thousands are entangled in self-destructive coping strategies while hundreds are made vulnerable.

Beyond Boulevard of broken dreams is a process in which young people especially those with limited power due to poverty, ability barriers, ethnicity, gender, culture, or other circumstances and have overcome them use their life experiences to inspire others to live a more positive life. It encourages young people to be optimistic, proactive and positive about their life situations and call forth their potential and energy to a health living. Sharing life experiences is a powerful approach in encouraging, inspiring and motivating people often in similar challenges to view their life situation differently. Beyond Boulevard of broken dreams is inexpensive and powerful tool for both life change and social change, executed with a good deal of thought.

The project goal is to nurture a healthy population of youth with capacity to negotiate life challenges positively.


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Beyond Boulevard of broken dreams project
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